Keith Beard

Fingerstyle Guitarist

Pure Imagination

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Pure Imagination

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Influences ranging from Tommy Emmanuel to Sigur Ros to John Mayer, Keith Beard's debut album is chock full of soul catching melodies, innovative arrangements, and the lighthearted fun you'd expect from a solo fingerstyle guitar album.

Track Listing: 

1. McGavock Pike (Keith Beard)

2. Spirit of Auburn (Keith Beard)

3. Sucker (John Mayer)

4. Rich Fingers (Keith Beard)

5. Sunrise Song (Keith Beard)

6. Secret of Kells (Keith Beard)

7. Single Petal of a Rose (Duke Ellington)

8. For Jackson (Keith Beard)

9. Pure Imagination (Bricusse and Newley)

10. Glenn Miller Revolt (Keith Beard)

11. Agaetis Byrjun (Sigur Ros)